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Check Out Our Reviews From Our Valued Customers!

"I rate the driving school excellent. The instructor gives you all the necessary that is expected to be known to experienced safe driving such as key observations, road signs, road markings, skills ,alertness to happening and making of safety judgement while driving."    


-Olufemi Oladipo


"The driving lessons I received here were very educational before I took these lessons I tried taking my road test two times before and I failed horribly after the lessons I was confident because my instructor taught me everything I needed to know and told me not to be nervous that I'll pass it this time. I listened to his advice and was able to pass the road test easily on my third try. So if you have had the same problem as me I advise you to take driving lessons with this school you won't regret it."    




"This is an awsome school not monye hungry and honest with there teachings. I only took one lesson and I got as much as I needed to now to pass my teacher Tai helped me with great precision and understanding. I really appreciate the way this school works"  



"First i want to say ....THANKS....to the instructor that had the patient to teach me everything that i needed to pass the road test, he made me felt confident and at the time that i was in front of the wheel....i knew that i did good.

Awesome driving school....i recommend it."  



"I would just like to take this opportunity to say how delighted I am with the driving standard that I received from this school and their instructors. The customer service I received was outstanding as I was struggling with the dates and had to change them due to my work commitments and the fact it was a surprise. However,an instructor Tai was excellent, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone, as he was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. In conclusion, I would recommend this driving school to everyone."  



"Great instructor. Learned a lot about safety on the road and the proper way to drive"    


-Khai McNally-Bibbins

"I just took my road test today and passed, and big thank you to the instructors Tai. The way he thought me was the best. I would recommend this school for people to take for driving lessons. they teach you from the basic and they care about their students. According to the instructor 95% of the students pass when they have lessons with long life driving school and I believe him. Go ahead and take lessons from them, believe me you won't regret."    



"This driving school is very very good. If you want to get your license and learn to drive safely you go to long life driving school(LLC)"    


-Paul Mathew

"I recommend LL driving school for everyone who wan to pass it driving road test bcs I attend the school lesson and 5hr pre License class,I pass my road test today.Long life driving school is the best."    


-Jacobs Omoniyi

"95% of the students pass and that is very true! You do what they teach you and you can't fail!"    


-Jonathan Navarro

"This school is very good, having attended it , I wish to recommend it to everyone who want to learn more about driving and driving safely. If all American drivers can follow the instructions and training given in the school, there will be little or no accident on the road."    


-Samuel okedoyin

"I just took my road test now! And believe me it was as easy as 123! LL driving school has the best Instructor,the teach not only for the road test but for you to be a good and safety driver! Try them and never regret it!"    


-Olatunji Oluwasemilore

Good school! Highly recommend. Felt more confident and aware on the road! Best school I ever tried. Try this school, you wont regret it! You'll learn everything here.



Great school overall! This school teaches very well, giving detailed reasons and how to stay safe while driving. The instructior is very polite and makes you feel comfortable. Great with communication and making you understand each topic thoroughly. I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking for any help.



I tried 2 other driving schools before this one, and I can definitely say that Long Life Driving School is better than them by a long shot. My instructor calmly explained what I needed to practice in order to pass the road test, which really helped with my nervousness. I'd recommend them to anyone!


-Udochukwu Nkemakolam              

Went to island driving school for lessons I failed my road test, tried lessons with aaa I failed my road test again went to long life driving school took 4 lessons and the instructor tai taught me things that the other schools didn't, he Showed me the rules of driving and made me feel comfortablep behind the wheel, I passed my road test thanks to tai, I wish I went to this school first would have never wasted all that money I put into those other schools and paying to use they're cars for the test just to fail. GO WITH LONG LIFE DRIVING SCHOOL!! The others are a scam.





Let me start first by saying that this driving school is the absolute best on Staten Island. I say this because the driving instructors at this school are genuine, generous, patient, and give quality lessons to be able to drive safely for the well being of yourself and others while on the road. My instructor that was teaching me how to drive safely and correctly was Tai. He is like the Yoda of safe driving. He mentioned that 95% of his students passed the road test. You can also be one of the 95% who pass the road test. But that is only if you listen to what he taught you. Without a doubt he was right and I passed my road test. You will not fail if you follow his exact instructions. So, If you are ever seeking a driving school and want to learn to drive safely and correctly, Long Life Driving School is the one for you.


-Louron E. Daly                        

Long life driving school is a really good driving school. The instructor Taye taught me that honestly no matter how many times you may take your road test don't give up keep striving and you'll achieve your goal. He is really patient when dealing with students and informs us on everything we need to know before the day. If you need a good driving school go to Long Life Driving School remember don't rush if you don't get it the first time there is always a second time there are unlimited chances on taking a road test so do not be discouraged just keep going.


-Zainab Jimoh                    

"This school is one of the best I’ve experienced, this school not only makes sure you get your license but builds you to become a better driver. I didn’t know how to turn correctly until coming here and I’m proud i did. It is worth the money and you will pass if following  instructions. Thank you soooo much!"


- Shevern Scott


"This was a great experience, nice driver instructors. I failed the first time but this time I passed because they told me everything I needed to know."


- Luis Miguel Carrasco

"I pass road text easily. The school is good and their instructors are good too. I was recommended to the school , and I will also recommend it to other people as well. Long life driving school is the best school with good instructors."



"If you want to pass and you dont want to waste your time or money this is where you need to be. Sound safety driving and driving instructions that goes beyond your road test. Failed my first road test messing with the other school. LL Driving taught me how to property and safely navigate the road. THANKS TO THEM. 5 star service."



"Great driving instructors, they taught me the ins and out of the road and after a few lessons now I’m a licensed driver."



-Jimmy Connolly

"Thank you!

Good driving school, they trained me so I passed with the first attempt."